02 March 2010

Aaron Ramsey bersemangat

Pengurus pasukan kebangsaan Wales, John Toshack yang turut menerima tamparan hebat dengan kecederaan Ramsey melaporkan yang dia ada bercakap dengan Ramsey selepas pembedahan dengan Ramsey jelas sekali bersemangat untuk kembali..

"It is a horrific injury, it makes you want to vomit.. It was a sad, unfortunate incident.. I spoke to him this morning and he seems in decent spirits but it is a blow for the player, the club and us.. All we can do now is hope for a speedy, successful recovery, but obviously it is going to be a long one.. The information we have got is that he is as comfortable as can be expected and he seemed in surprisingly decent spirits when I spoke to him.."

Pemain Stoke City, Glenn Whelan yang muncul pemain pertama yang menenangkan Ramsey selepas terjahan tersebut memberitahu apakah antara fator dia menenangkan Aaron Ramsey sewaktu itu semasa kesemua pemain masih lagi terkejut..

"The lad was in a lot of distress and we just wanted the medics and the physios to get on as soon as possible.. He kept wanting to look at his leg but I could see how bad it was and I wouldn’t let him. He was in shock.."

"I told him just to think about something else and hold on until the ambulancemen arrived and they could do their job.. It was very hard for me to see a fellow professional in that much pain.. You don’t ever want to see that but I just wanted to keep him calm for as long as possible.."

"In situations like that, players from both sides come together for the player.. I saw and heard the tackle when it happened.. He’s a good lad and we all just want to see him recover as quickly as possible.."



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