04 March 2010

Sokongan Ray Parlour dan Gilberto Silva

Lagenda Arsenal, Ray Parlour yakin Aaron Ramsey yang melalui musim terbaiknya musim ini mampu kembali ke prestasi asalnya dan meneruskan developmentnya sebaik sembuh dari kecederaan yang di alaminya sekarang ini..

"I am sure he will be fine.. Robert Pires did his cruciate while I was at Arsenal and came back.. Aaron has a strong body and a strong character for a 19-year-old.. He’ll have to work hard on his fitness of course but I am sure he’ll be OK.."

Parlour yang beraksi di jentera tengah Arsenal sebanyak 466 kali mengakui dia cukup terpikat dengan aksi Aaron Ramsey.. "I rate him really highly.. He is an excellent player who can be big for Arsenal in the future.. He has gone up a standard this season.. I have been really impressed by him this season.."

Ray Parlour juga yakin yang Arsenal mampu memenangi kejuaraan liga musim ini.. "Arsenal have a great chance without a doubt.. They have a great run-in.. I feel Arsenal have to win all their next six games to do it but they are winnable.. And for me a lot may depend on the Man United v Chelsea game next month.."

Gilberto Silva yang berada di Emirates Stadium semalam untuk perlawanan persahabatan skuad Brazil telah memberikan sokongannya kepada pemain muda Arsenal, Aaron Ramsey.. Gilberto mahu Ramsey bersabar dengan tempoh pemulihannya dan menegaskan yang Ramsey akan dijaga dengan baik sekali di Arsenal..

"I am very sorry for him because he is such a young and talented player.. I wish him all the best for a very good recovery.. But it is very good here at Arsenal with Arsène Wenger and the medical staff because they do not rush the player.. They give them time to recover.. I hope he is patient because it is not going to be easy.."

"I had a back problem a few years ago and the best way is to be patient and be with your family.. It is the kind of thing you cannot change so only do the rehabilitation with the physio when you are able to.. The most important thing is to be patient.."

"He doesn't have to rush.. He has time because he is only 19.. He has plenty of time to recover and it is very important for him to have a good recovery.. If he rushes himself to be back too quickly, maybe he will have a setback in his recovery.."

"He needs to be strong, especially mentally.. He must not think 'I am young and I have this injury' because he will be back.. He just needs to be patient and stay positive.."Adios!!


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