14 August 2010

Impian Denilson (yang pasti anda suka)

Denilson mendedahkan impiannya pada musim baru ini.. Apa yang pasti fans Arsenal pasti berharap impiannya itu akan menjadi kenyataan kerana impian tersebut cukup menarik dan anda semua pasti gembira jika ianya berlaku.. Tarikh 28 Mei 2011 di stadium Wembley beliau mahu Arsenal bergembira dengan pemain Tottenham Hotspurs duduk kecewa tewas kepada Arsenal pada Final Champions League..

"Yes that would be special, to play Tottenham in the Champions League final... and beat them!! Because I don't like Tottenham. At Arsenal, NO ONE likes Tottenham.. I knew that after only four weeks of coming here, even though I was a teenager from another country, from another continent.."

"It was one of the first things they taught me here - the other players, the coaches, the manager and especially the fans.. And now I have been here for four years, I have experienced it for myself.. Now I understand it.. We don't like them and they don't like us.. When we play them it is crazy - on and off the ball.. It's a big, big rivalry and I love it.. It's very intense - to me it's just like Brazil and Argentina.."

"If you are Brazil, you would rather beat Argentina than win the World Cup.. If you are Arsenal you would rather beat Tottenham than anyone else, even Manchester United or Chelsea.. So to defeat them in the Champions League final would be the ultimate victory.."

Denilson juga mengakui pasukan Arsenal agak terkejut dengan pencapaian Spurs musim lepas namun menegaskan yang Spurs tidak akan boleh menewaskan Arsenal.. " It's true they shocked me last season, they did much better than I thought.. So, yes, we have to take them very seriously now.. In football, you know anything can happen but I still cannot believe they will achieve more than us.. That's not going to happen and I am very confident about that.."

Denilson, seperti pemain-pemain Arsenal yang lain dan juga Wenger menegaskan yang kemarau trofi kejuaraan Arsenal perlu ditamatkan.. "Last season, there was a lot of talk about Arsenal having too many young players and that's why we didn't win anything.. But to me it should never be an explanation to say you failed because you are young.. You can't use age as an excuse.. To me it is about belief, about confidence, about ability.."

"Most of the players at this club are internationals, that means they are top players and top players should perform.. Look at Mezut Ozil for Germany in the World Cup finals - he is just 21 but proved himself against the best in the world in the biggest tournament in the world.. Now we need to step up to the challenge too and I am sure we will have a successful season.. And Denilson is quick to explain the reasons behind his bold predictions.."

"Firstly, it is great news that Cesc Fabregas is staying.. He is our captain, our leader and if he had left it would have caused a big problem for Arsenal.. We have also signed Marouane Chamakh. He has already shown in pre-season what he can do, he looks a real quality player who will score a lot of goals.. "

"I am also excited about Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs.. They have both just been picked by England which shows how well they have done already.. But I think this season they will be even better - they will have more experience and they will use that to Arsenal's advantage.."

Denilson juga berjanji mahu memberikan lebih banyak sumbangan kepada pasukan Arsenal.. "I need to be more consistent and score more goals - and I believe I will.. In the past I was hampered by injuries which disrupted my form and my confidence.. But I am fit again now and keen to make even more of an impact this term.. "

"If I play my best for Arsenal, I have a real chance of achieving my ultimate ambition and playing for Brazil at next year's Copa America and then in the World Cup in 2014 in my homeland.. Now that would be special.."

Penyebab kepada keyakinan Wenger tersebut ialah kerana Wenger yang dijangka akan meletakkan tandatangannya di atas kontrak lanjutan tidak lama lagi.. "No one here can imagine Arsenal without Arsene Wenger.. He's so important to us. More important to Arsenal than even the biggest player.."

"He finds so many young players, then brings them here and helps them grow, helps them learn how to play great football, beautiful football.. No other manager does what he does - they don't bring young players through like him.. They go out and buy ready-made players, players who are at the top already.."

"But the boss discovers new players from nowhere and turns them into stars.. He believes in giving young players their opportunity and his record is amazing.. Now his young players are more experienced than ever and that's why I believe this season we will get better and better and why I believe this season we will be winning one of the big titles.."


Jalie Da said...

Keyakinan beginilah yg diharapkan pada setiap pemain muda arsenal... go arsenal go.. buktikan pada dunia..

atikah said...

jalie da.. betul tu.. si denilson nie mcm pendiam tapi bile die bersuara ada betul jugak apa yg dikatakannya tu..

Jalie Da said...

Tu la.. rasanyer denilson ni tak penah pun memberikan pape statement or ckp byk walaupun dikritik persembahannya.. betul la org ckp, kalu diam2 ubi berisi tp kalu dah lama sgt diamnyer terus la jd diam mu gunung berapi hehe

zizie said...

ye memang kemarau tropi WAJIB ditamat.Cam ni la fan arsenal nk dengar.sampai bile kite nk duk 4 besar je kan.tak ade kejuaraan.


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